June 21st 2022 Tremonti finally return to Glasgow Scotland to play SWG3. On the Marching In Time European tour originally scheduled to take place in January 2022 but postponed out of caution for the safety of band, crew and the fans. As disappointing as the postponement was I understood the reasons behind it. And in any case I knew when Tremonti came they would bring a show to remember and it would be well worth the wait. A bit more time for them to rehearse the songs and get them perfect for the European headlining tour. Marching In Time is one of my top albums to come from 2021 and it’s an album that for me with each listen just gets better and better, noticing something else I didn’t the listen before. And of course the climax to the Album Marching In Time the title track is in my eyes one of the best tracks in not only the Tremonti catalogue but Marks entire catalogue as a whole.

Marking my fourth time spending the night with Tremonti, being fortunate enough to see them each time they have come to Glasgow since 2015. On the Cauterize tour, Dust tour and A Dying Machine tour. Tremonti is a band that hold dear memories from the sadly gone 02 ABC. The first two times were both in that venue and very special performances. Among my first live shows with a heavy metal band. And the first time I ever seen a circle pit. Mark asking the crowd the first two times before playing set closer Wish You Well to get a circle pit going for the final song. And it was a pleasure to witness.

Excitement had been building for the show at SWG3. Upon reading great fan feedback from the Manchester show the night before, the Glasgow crowd had a lot to live up to. Tremonti consistently bring their A game and it was up to us in the crowd to make sure we matched their energy on stage. And I can confidently say that is exactly what happened, the band and the crowd feeding off of one another.

The support was a U.K bad called Hawxx an all female outfit. They took the stage around 7:30 to open the nights proceedings and warm the crowd up for Tremonti. Hawxx put together a good support set and have absolutely made me want to check them out. They have a couple of EPs out for now check them out and show an up and coming band from the U.K metal scene some love.

Hawxx set in full swing

Hawxx finished their set at 8 o’clock so I was expecting Tremonti at the earliest to take the stage at 8:30. Giving the crew enough time to handle changeover and check everyhting is working. How happy I was to be wrong and see one of the quickest changeovers I’ve ever seen and Tremonti to take the stage around 8:15. Strap yourself in this was set to be an experience I won’t forget in a hurry.

On stage with Tremonti this tour in the band is Mark Tremonti handling guitar and lead vocals. Eric Friedman handling guitar and backing vocals. Tanner Keegan returning on Bass guitar now a full member of the band. And this time around Ryan Bennett on the drums. A change in personnel from the last time I seen Tremonti. And he has earned his spot behind the drums for Tremonti the man is a machine behind the drums. Throughout the set the band as always have fantastic communication back and forth with the crowd, keeping us as involved as possible. Mark does enjoy getting us to clap along throughout the set. Tanner Keegan as always provides solid bass for the rhythm section, him and Ryan not missing a beat the whole night in the engine room of the band. Let’s not forget what I like to call Tremontis secret weapon Mr Eric Friedman, his backing vocals compliment Marks vocals so well and add so much the show. Eric sings the higher backing parts as faithful to the album tracks as possible. And of course the while night Mark and Eric trade lead parts, both not wanting to stop the other from having their moment in the spotlight. One of the things Ryan Bennett has brought to the live show I noticed was triggering the backing tracks by hitting a pad connected to his drum kit, triggering for instance the intro for If Not For You to name one. It’s fantastic to see that 5 albums in and however many tours they’re adding more and more layers to the live show of the band. Ryan is a great drummer and his shining moment in the set if you asked me is 100% without a doubt Marching n Time. However I could be considered a little biased with that being not only one of my favourite songs from the band but one of my favourites in general.

And the man himself Mark Tremonti who every album and tour just gets better and better. Perhaps doing the Sinatra covers album helped him to sing even better than he already did. Mark is truly a student of the craft and from a fans perspective it looks like he’s always pushing himself to sing better, play better and write better. This tour is the best his vocals have sounded yet. It’s been a pleasure being a fan since 2015 seeing him grow. Not only as a metal guitar player inside the band but as the frontman and singer.

The house lights go down and the crowd is ready for Tremonti. Tremonti are always welcomed by the Scottish crowds and this was to be no exception to that rule. My guess for opener was A World Away which is the album opener for Marching In Time. Which wouldn’t have been out of place as an opener but it wasn’t to be. The opener for the night was Thrown Further coming off of Marching in Time. Great choice for an opener keeping the momentum high and a nice fast paced start to the show. Grabbing the crowd straight away and the energy building in the room. The band feeding off of the energy from the Glasgow audience right out of the gate. Second song in treated to another song coming off of Marching In Time this time If Not For You with drummer Ryan Bennett playing the triggers for the backing tracks on a pad connected to the drums. This was my first time seeing Ryan with the band and he has absolutely earned his place behind the kit in Tremonti. Third song in and we have something coming off of Dust and it was My Last Mistake. Three songs in and the band were in full swing. Mark smiling and head banging like his life depended on it, leaving it all on the stage. No time for slowing down yet either because it was straight into a track from the first album All I was with So You’re afraid. Four songs in and already this was shaping up to be the best Tremonti show I’ve had the privilege of attending.

Fifth song of the evenings repertoire and it was time to slow things down. Eric Friedman starts to solo on the guitar before Mark plays the intro to The Things I’ve Seen slowing things down after four fast paced hard hitters one after the other. Following on from the Things I’ve Seen another slower number this time off of Marching In Time with Not Afraid to lose, this was a special one to hear Mark performing. 6 songs in and 13 more to go the party wasn’t stopping there and we now got in to Let That Be Us picking things back up and changing the pace up again. While getting the crowd involved singing along to the chorus that just begs you to join in, a very up beat chorus and fun for the crowd to join in for. Following on from that, the song I thought would open the show A World Away with a special intro added to the live performance of the song, complimenting the recorded version and making it even better. Good call there to add that part in.

Time for the first song of the evening from Cauterize with Cauterize the title track a fast paced heavy number keeping that adrenaline high for the band and the energy of the crowd at a high right where they want them. Now it was time for another trip back to the first album with You Waste Your Time a track that always gets the crowd singing along and helping the band out. Not that the band were having any trouble, they were feeding off the energy of the crowd putting on the best performance of theirs I’ve seen so far.

Next up one of my favourites from the Dust album a fantastic heavier track Catching Fire, that breakdown part gets me every single time. Gets you so pumped up and ready to go. Time to slow things down again for a fan favourite track of Tremontis a ballad called Dust that gets me every single time and has tears ready to fall. A song that means a lot to me very very close to my heart that track. A pleasure to hear performed live. And happily still in the set. I was thinking that perhaps it might be given a miss for this tour in place of a newer track. Glad it was kept in, always a highlight for me anyway in any Tremonti show.

Something funny followed in what’s up next. Maggie a big fan who is fortunate enough to be able to follow Tremonti on tour seeing them multiple times had brought along a teddy bear monkey and Mark requested that she hand the monkey over. I think you know what’s coming. Mark throws the monkey into the crowd to surf, and asks that it be returned to it’s owner Maggie by the end of the song and it’s Flying Monkeys. How many shows can you say have a monkey in the crowd surf, that was a first for me for sure. How many bands have such a great bond with their fans like that. By the end of the song the Monkey is safely returned to it’s owner and on with the show.

Here comes A Dying Machine with that brutal unrelenting sound as heavy as ever and Marks voice sounding absolutely fantastic. And let’s not forget the secret weapon in Tremonti Eric Friedman contributing the high backing vocals that compliment Marks so well.

Slowing things down again for what became my favourite part of the night and will remain a highlight of my Tremonti experiences. Playing one of my favourite Tremonti songs Marching In Time and Ryan absolutely nails the drums with this one. As a matter of fact the whole band are so incredibly in sync, what a performance. I couldn’t have predicted it would sound that good live. Not ashamed to admit there were some tears for this one, I couldn’t help it the song means a lot to me. Hearing it live is an experience I would love for every fan of the band to have at least one, witnessing this epic piece being played out in front of you. As anyone who’s read my post on Heavy Metal Therapy’s site will know the song holds a very special place in my heart. So special that when presented with the opportunity to write about the meaning of a song in my own words I chose Marching In Time. Hoping that even one person reading it would be inspired to check the band out and find their own meaning. The blog post will be linked at the bottom for anyone wishing to read it afterwards. And be sure check out Heavy Metal Therapy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Following on from that is another slower song this time The First The Last. It filled me with excitement to see it in the set list and finally see it performed for myself with it being one of my favourites from the A Dying Machine album. Just as great as I knew it would be. Returning to the set for the first time in a while it was Decay by fan request. Great to hear it again always a good crowd sing along with the call and response from Mark in the breakdown part of the song. This is the part of the show where most bands would leave the stage and have the crowd shouting for more before returning to play the encore. However Tremonti aren’t most bands and just play right through the encore. And so for the second last song they gave us Another song from Cauterize this time with another Heart. Talk about going out on a high note what a choice. And as always the familiar set closer with Wish You Well. Last chance to let it all go and live in the moment for the night. The perfect closer for the Tremonti set. And the end of what was the best Tremonti performance I’ve seen yet. 19 songs which is I think the longest set they have done to date. It felt as if they could have kept playing all night. They looked as if they were having the time of their lives on stage on the night.

After the show when I was reflecting on what I’d just bore witness to. I realised it had been a very special evening. The band pulling out their longest setlist so far with a 19 song set. Usually after a show there’s one song you’d loved to have heard. This time I felt like they had left it all on the stage, creating a night to be remembered for a long time to come. Throughout the set Mark, Eric and Tanner all looking happy and full of energy up on stage. Using the space on stage and moving around interacting with each other. Eric pointing out at fans in the crowd all the way through and making the fans feel a part of the show. Mark whenever he wasn’t singing had a grin from ear to ear showing just how much he was enjoying being back in Glasgow Scotland. A city that always welcomes the band with open arms. Mark asking at the end of the show I think rhetorically if they come back will we? The answer of course. Anytime Tremonti are in town I make the effort to be there knowing it is going to be a show to remember. Each time bringing something different and new music as well.

Really if you haven’t seen Tremonti live, go see them when they roll into your town or city and give them some love. They deserve the following they have and then some. As a fan I’m loving that more people are checking Tremonti out. Their shows are always an experience and anyone is welcome.

This is where to find the link to my blog post for Heavy Metal Therapy about Marching In Time.

The song does hold a very special place for me and has since the first listen. A touching song and a perfect way to book end the Marching In Time album. Be sure to check it out and head over to Heavy Metal Therapy’s socials and check them out. It’s a fantastic little community and all are welcome. https://heavymetaltherapy.co.uk/2022/02/05/marching-in-time/?fbclid=IwAR0zwR6SjYg8RZaqrpGmLZpyeejQJg5dxNbjWuP7APPGGjwte5qBqeTPV4I

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